Monday, 12 July 2010

They tink it's all over...

The World Cup is so over, so ceases World Cup Flesh & Bones. Back to reality on Thursday!

Sorry Gazza. Interesting fact, they used to do a "Gazza burger" at one of the burger vans outside Middlesbrough's ground when Gazza played for them. It ent(r)ailed burger, donor meat, chili sauce and garlic mayo. On paper you're not having it much but let me tell you, it was not half bad. Certainly a more samba option than the "Juninho burger" which only entailed burger and chili sauce (or salsa maybe), burgers by numbers or wot! Lazy journalism.

HOOTENANNY! This is the 150th Flesh & Bone!!! Live it up, give it up, sieve it up! To mark this famous landmark I am unleashing a possible permanent feature to these posts. Here it is, as of what I'm actually intaking RIGHT now whilst posting this blog...

Currently eating : Milkybar white moments
Currently drinking : A glass of sparkling water

Fully inspired by Che Hargreaves' seminal short-lived foodblog of yesterdogg. A true innovator.

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