Saturday, 15 October 2011

100 greatest smells of all time

Heartbeat joke! BOOM! Who else is doing that in 2011??

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Electronic Cigarette

Hours after finishing this comic strip my girlfriend found an electronic cigarette on a wall and gave it to me. It has teeth marks around the business end and the LED blinks. It's washed but may still be haunted.

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Friday, 7 October 2011

Fart juice

New depths. Flesh & Bone fans! Please note the monetising merchandising options to your right hand side of this screen, you can now pick up a Flesh & Bone t-shirt or tote bag online! Click the links to get kitted out.

What else, my food blog FOOD LEGEND has been nom-nom-nominated for a Manchester Blog Award in the Best Personal Blog category at this year's Manchester Blog Awards. Blogging hell. Didn't see that coming. You can vote online here before the 10th October.

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Jobs for the boys

I'm a PC but R.I.P

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video by N Ainsworth of Former Bullies fame!