Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Piss Statements

Above, a thing for a thing. Something of a cork in the hole to pass time til next week's new flesh & bones, not got the time this week...my schedule is stacked! Stacked like the pile of at least 7 pocket scraps with words, feelings and beyond (or back) sat chilling in my room. I say chilling because it's like a meal preparation see, you gotta keep the ingreds in the fridge before you make a dish because otherwise you get half-baked ideas and gone off prawns. I'm tipping that bird today to get some stuff off my chest tho, this was going to be a future piece but i'm bringing it out as a sketch - hot on the outside, frozen in the middle.


I'm pissed at the world for pissing on my chips

Wouldn't cross the street to watch you piss in a teacup

I'm so pissed off

I pissed it up the wall

Left a lanky streak of piss

Yep I piss on the street

Yep I piss on the seat

I'm a piss artiste

Pissing on bonfires

Pissed on beer

Pissed to meet you, what's your nime?