Sunday, 25 December 2011

Merry Chrismnsak

Pump everything in me. Merry Chrimmas! Flesh & Bone be back in 2012, here ends the advent of one per-day. Back on track normalcy come next year.

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Saturday, 24 December 2011

God didn't create Christmas Steve

Working late this year, oh well, back to the elf factory. Probably a ferocious no-ended Flesh & Bone conclusion to the Christmas period coming tomorrow.

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Friday, 23 December 2011

Sick freak

Another Flesh & Bone 2.0 from my bulging sack of digital spanners. Normal analogue service will be resumed after Christmas, tomorrow's and the big day's are likely to be as crude - I'm distant from my scanner see so I'm pumping them out direct to the screen for now.

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Thursday, 22 December 2011

No challenge

LOOK MA, NO PENS! Don't think it's obvious but technology failed me and saved me and for reasons unknown I had to craft this episode of Flesh & Bone on the computer. We'll see if normal service is resumed tomorrow but I have a feeling it might not be. Flesh and Bone 2.0!

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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Dolce and Banana


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Monday, 19 December 2011

TV Times

Christmas telly gone down hill.

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Buy their new split slevin inch with Nissenenenenenenenenenenenenmondai up in herre! Video directed by your main man Nick Ainsworth, his youtube channel is to die for! 

Friday, 16 December 2011


SQUEAKY WHO? It's all about Nervous Olive, baby!

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Thursday, 15 December 2011

Squeaky Tony

SQUEAKY TONY, EVERYBODY! Give him a round of applause. Order yours today! SQUEAKY TONY!

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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Christmas Face

What's your Christmas face? We've all got one!

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And now here's today's, we back on track! Check out yesterday's strip below this post.

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Mums for Christmas

This was Monday's yo!

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Sunday, 11 December 2011

Bad Santa 2

Tune in tomorrow to find out what Flesh & Bone are getting their mums for Christmas!

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Bad Santa

Tune in tomorrow to find out how Flesh's first shift went!

Also, anyone fancy a Flesh & Bone t-shirt or tote bag for Christmas? They're specially designed to fit neatly under a tree or pipe sweetly in to a stocking. Book early to avoid disappointment, clickity click the links to the  right!

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Saturday, 10 December 2011


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Buy the wicked smart new LP from Feel Right here, it's officially Flesh & Bone endorsed!

Friday, 9 December 2011

Al Desko

F 'n' B is back after a little hiatus there. Al desko marks the start of an ambitious plan to post a new Flesh & Bone every day running up until Christmas. There will be a festive theme.

Tune back tomorrow, and the day after, and the day after, and the day after...etc

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Friday, 11 November 2011

The big questions

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I vant to drink your beer

This is the belated Halloween special.

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Saturday, 15 October 2011

100 greatest smells of all time

Heartbeat joke! BOOM! Who else is doing that in 2011??

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Electronic Cigarette

Hours after finishing this comic strip my girlfriend found an electronic cigarette on a wall and gave it to me. It has teeth marks around the business end and the LED blinks. It's washed but may still be haunted.

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Friday, 7 October 2011

Fart juice

New depths. Flesh & Bone fans! Please note the monetising merchandising options to your right hand side of this screen, you can now pick up a Flesh & Bone t-shirt or tote bag online! Click the links to get kitted out.

What else, my food blog FOOD LEGEND has been nom-nom-nominated for a Manchester Blog Award in the Best Personal Blog category at this year's Manchester Blog Awards. Blogging hell. Didn't see that coming. You can vote online here before the 10th October.

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Jobs for the boys

I'm a PC but R.I.P

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video by N Ainsworth of Former Bullies fame!

Thursday, 29 September 2011

I'm cool guy

Another rehash of sorts from the Common exhibition, it's never been seen on paper before though yo! Well, you're seeing it on a screen so that's kind of a debut too

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Monday, 26 September 2011


This is a rehash of a strip that featured in the Common exhibition but it's ok because that's over now. RIP!

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Thursday, 22 September 2011


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Monday, 19 September 2011

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Flesh & Bone exhibition @ Common

Get down Common this week if you're in Manchester for the last six days of the Flesh and Bone exhibition. Limited edition tote bags for a 5 bomb, t-shirts for a 10 note and A3 screenprints for 20 large. Exclusive!

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Chen Chim

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Thursday, 8 September 2011

Monday, 5 September 2011

Positive message

Second post of the day as I missed Thursday's episode. It's a feast!

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Monday, 29 August 2011


Whoop whoop! This is the 200th Flesh & Bone comic strip, what a landmark! 200 strips young! They don't look a day over 199. Aw, bless.

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Wash day

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Monday, 22 August 2011

Job Seekers 4 : rejection

Blood for the win!

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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Job Seekers 3 : street smarts vs. (mac)book smarts

Meanwhile, who likes Big Brother? Who likes reading about Big Brother? May I suggest Big Brothers? The all-new, all-topical Big Brother blog. From the makers of this blog and the author of One Yon Crazy Crisis of Confidence (and maybe more) comes...BIG BROTHERS! Spread the word.

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Monday, 15 August 2011

Friday, 12 August 2011

Job seekers

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Monday, 8 August 2011

Sugar Daddy

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Meanwhile, I'm just about to take a re-up of the Flesh & Bone t-shirts and tote bags to Common here in Manchester. Get down there to pick up a slice of the action. Here's some actual beauties sporting the T in actual life...

Thursday, 4 August 2011

It's been time

And we back! Tune in Monday for the next release!

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Saturday, 23 July 2011

New Website!

Not for Flesh & Bone, just my own website...

check it out! You can read full comics on it here

I should really change the updated every Monday and Thursday part of this blog BUT I am working on five (count 'em) new strips today, ready to go *live* very soon!

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Flesh & Bone exhibition

Doooo wopper! Recently work was completed at Common bar in Manchester at turning their walls into a Flesh & Bone-o-rama. It was a massive amount of fun (at least a gallon), it took ten days of pure grit and weeks prior of careful preparation, punchline punchbagging and a whole lot more besides. Screenprints were made kindly by my Dad, four different screeny-p's on paper and then a t-shirt and totey b. These are all for sale at Common as of now. The exhibition runs til the end of September so if you're in Manchester get down. You should go there anyway, the beer is good and the fries are shoestring. Thanks to my glamorous assistants for helping with the painting of the walls, I couldn't have done it without you all that's for sure. Not all these photogs are mine, I bagged a few from Common and Rowan. More strip specific photos to follow at some point. Meanwhile, let's hear it for the assistants!

Thanks thanks thanks also to Dunk and all the Common crew for all their enabling, welcoming and complete non-meddling. They fed and watered the troops to immaculate effect. It was glorious. Here's the photos, they're in a mix of started and finished and blurred and crisp. CHEERS

the worst

dotting the i's and crossing the t's. Final touch

double sided tote bag rotating on a mirror ball motor!

The only recycled joke I swear!

fun times!

Anyone who sits in front of this pillar looks stupid by association
Vinyl stickering on the windows, yebber jebber!

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