Tuesday, 6 July 2010


Ten points for the indie reference in the title of this blog. Footie and Indie? Now you're talking! This is a pencil F n B too, can't get much more indie than that. LETS HAVE IT

Also, I couldn't help but note that the follower count on this flesh and blog used to be 44 but now it's 43. Wha' happen? Did the 44th disciple cancel their google account? Or did they tire of the World Cup F n B campaign? Thanks to the faithful 43 though, sticking with me through the good times and the BAD. Take heed fairweather 44!

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jess higgins said...

LOOKS LIKE THE RACE IS ON 'cause yrs troubly just reached 40. it's when life begins! right?!

p.s. I really hate football and the world cup especially gets my goat but i am SOOO loving flesh & bone right now. game on!