Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Scotch Egg

Tis the season to be messed up, I thought today was Thursday (which it now is, technically) but it turned out to be Wednesday so for once I'm ahead of the game. Seasons Beatings for this festive yule time, one hopes you enjoy this non-festive Flesh & Bone with a mince pie under each arm pit and a baileys miniature up each nostril and potato triangles under each fingernail and marks and spencers absolutely finest savoury truffles smeared up your thighs. y'know, like the olden days before text BABE and Buzz Lightyear 360s. Merry minklemas!!!!!!!!!!!

Probs some form of Flesh & Bone on Monday but we all know how unpredictable the days are between Christmas and New Year, who can even remember those days? I'll do it if I'm not hunched over a king-sized toblerone taking care of business.

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