Monday, 7 December 2009


Another Monday, another let down. Though in some ways these text-based Flesh & Bones are more to sink your teeth into? You can fantasise about how they might look and all the background detail that might exist (yeah, right!) and things of this nature.

Well, I've got impeccable excuses my lieges. Those saying that F & B has fallen by the wayside, that I've forgotten about it since I opened my shop can go fish because far from forget about it...I've been truly living it. The 3-d extravaganza that I mentioned in my last post was undertaken last night - thru da night - and is currently at Stage One of completion, two more stages to go and then you can fully go viddy it, if you live in Manchester that is. If not then you might want to get a plane to Manchester to see it because it's going to be epic and long and taut with sinews, avenues and nuff nitty gritties. Should be in the bag this week so I'll reveal more details later.

OK, so for this week's textual F & B here's a long text piece that I don't think will ever see the light of day drawn. Too many wurds. H'enjoy!

(Bone Stand-up scene stage, all Bone talking)

Frame 1 : So what's up with the cheeseburger stare?

Frame 2 : It's intense. People just don't take their eyes off the prize, configuring their next bite

Frame 3 : Scanning the full circumference of their burger, checking ooze levels, seeing which section is in most need of attention

Frame 4 : Walking into McDonalds is like walking into a science convention. Heavy burger analysis going down, a room full of scientists

Frame 5 : Burger Science. It exists. Mate of mine did it at Teeside university, Bachelor of Burgers.

Frame 6 : I can't talk to someone who's in the burger trance...I just want to swipe it out of their hands. GET A ROOM

Frame 7 : I'm so conscious about the burger stare that I avoid eye contact with it completely. It's like we've had a row.

Frame 8 : We only exchange glances when I pick it up to avoid by fingers slipping INSIDE the bun. Hasselhoff style.



9 frames, I know!

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