Thursday, 3 December 2009

Scanners by David Groanenberg

Bit of a disappointing post for the centenary special but remember it's only 100 posts not 100 comic strips, I wouldn't dodge that landmark. Even so, it's weak but I have no scanner at this actual moment so i can't visualise my thoughts on screen. though I will be hooking up mysen with a scanner before Monday one hopes. Stay tuned for a full on 3D walk in dolby digital 2.0 imax sub woofer Flesh and Bone experience coming to Manchester verrr verrr soon. You'll actually be able to walk in to their front room and share a bloody hi-juice with them, can you even imagine? Scary stuff.

So, in place of an actual comic strip that you can look at lets have a written description instead for a bit of fun...

frame one:

Flesh : "You know how your mum works at McDonalds?"
Bone : *SIGH* "Go on..."

frame two :

Flesh : "Well, is it true she gets paid in burgers?"
Bone : "No."

frame three :

Flesh : "Then how'd she get so BIG, MAC?
Bone : "MY mum? Have you seen YOUR mum lately?"

frame four :

Flesh : "WHOA. Where did THAT come from?? Sheesh, chill son"
Bone : "Mum embargo?"
Flesh : "Mum embargo"

(Insert action brackets where appropriate)

Feel free to actually realise this script for me in drawn flesh & bone form if you like and post it here, go on!

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