Friday, 17 October 2008


What it is!

I'm coming out in blogspots! But don't worry it most definitely IS contagious. Here's a page for my comic strip, Flesh & Bone. Check it out in all it's entirety, I be updating in here about every week or more. No quibbles please if I drop the ball, subscription is free and I beg your pardon I never promised you a rose garden.

The last two posts underneath this one are the freshest Flesh and Bones, previously unseen by human eyes everywhere. Two more are inked up and ready to despatch, we talking Tuesday or similar next week to post that boast. Some people are saying that the small picture layout of this page is a flailing turd of events, I couldn't figure how to make it bigger so you'll just have to click the thumbs or get your biccynoculars out. Apologies about how the tone of this piece is in your face and take it or leave it-y, I don't know where I became so idly confrontational. On the internet I guess.

Sometimes I might put things on here that don't fall under the 'Flesh & Bone' brand, like thoughts and feelings or similar items. It's fine though isn't it? I have a tale I widdled on the train about ZOO magazine, that's coming soon and more besides. Get the wider picture at

That's it!
Joe Blogs

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