Tuesday, 21 October 2008

The inevitable return of Bloopa Real

Oh man. I started wording on a new rap today with view to full garage band production. Think "Amy's Winehouse" gone global. It's going to be called "Turn in da road" and it's about a new dance sensation that's sweeping the nation inspired by the legendary car-based manoevre, the 3-point turn. The very dance that humanised the austere 4-wheel direction alteration method and gave the power key back to our local hero, 2-legs. I'm auditioning as of now for parts in the music video, applicants should have a strong sense of riddim and a clean driving license.

Sample lyric:

It's the turn in da road
Jus' lighten your load
It's a groove infusion

An' it looks bamboozlin'

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The "industry" "bigwigs" and "fatcats" are all abuzz.

There were rumours you were doing something at in the city, a collaboration with MC Pitman i believe.

Wha' Happen?