Sunday, 26 October 2008

Best of Spam

Here is a round up of the best junk email sender names that I have in my inbox today...

Gay Slater
Desmond Huffman
Octavio Dudley
Caitlin Sneed
Ferdinand Trent
Egbert Shu-Fan
Dollie Shoemaker (maybe she should get together with Egbert Shu-Fan?)
Jo Bacon
Furman Sherman

And the best junk email subject header goes to...

'I'm so rich I just bought Justin Timberlake house'

Wow! THE Justin Timberlake house?? I wonder if it's named after THE Justin Timberlake.

This was a time filling escapade to allow ink to dry on a SIC ALPS poster I just did for Paris, France. Ya heard that right. I'll post it here maybe or more likely on the mount pleasant site. Flesh and Bone newbies coming later this week...

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