Monday, 14 February 2011

Knit one? Do one!

QT with Flesh & Blood. They're getting on already!

Since I'm rarely eating anything when I scan these strips these days, I decided to make things a bit more exciting with the currently eating/drinking listings. Namely by abolishing the eating part and replacing it with "currently listening to". I know, right! The temptation would be to choose something from my Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist that is really choice and thus make it a bit too keen. I never did this with the drinking and eating aspects by the way. So, I've devised a plan whereby I'll "shuffle" my "itunes" and land on the song that I wouldn't mind listening to at this exact point and then I'll post a youtube link to it below. And if there isn't a youtube video then I'll skip it til there is one *!

Currently drinking : a glass of pinot gringo
Currently listening to : the replacements "someone take the wheel"

* Or if there isn't a video of the band responsible performing the song then I'll use the nearest cover version, no matter how bad! The badder the better?

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