Monday, 6 September 2010

Pea head

Flesh gone buck wild crazy like his name was Ian Paisley...

He's hungry at meal times like war times and rations!
He's gobblin' up goose like it was going out of fashion!
He's like a sprig of parsley embellishin' your fish dish!
He's the number one item on your amazon wishlist!
He's dropping internet dressage like your Mum's first text message!
He's seƱor sizzle clang clang, watch him massage this sausage!

FEEL THE BURN BONE, FEEL THE BURN. Why does no one get called pea head no more? It's PC gone mad

Anndddd we're back on track with the Monday/Thursday Flesh & Bone prescription, bling dat!

Currently eating : Milky way stars en pouch
Currently drinking : Vodka and Coke (weird call)

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Fliss Horrocks said...

have you heard the so solid crews latest grime?