Monday, 8 February 2010

Flesh & Bone @ the Deaf Institute

Hey, belatedly, if you're in Manchester go to the Deaf Institute. Just before Christmas I finished on a Flesh & Bone life size painting session in the front room bit of the main bar. The task turned out to be mammoth and it took four overnight mad ones, you can actually see a photo of me turned mad in the first photo - I thought the photographer was a giant bottle of apple lucozade.

Special eternal thang yews go to the man, the myth, Neil Robbins for lending a paintbrushing hand (and paint and paintbrushes). I would've crumbled alone. Thanks also to the Deaf Institute powers that be for asking me to do this. It was fun and funny. It's up for I dunno how much longer, a month?

Hopefully I'll get there before it gets painted over and take some pickshures of the finished thing, the above are photos of mostly finished parts but there was one more night left at this stage. More was added. Photos are just for the memory books though man, get down there and drink it in real time (along with a drink from the bar), I'll give you a free strip if ANYONE takes a photo of themselves by the Flesh that's sat at the table. C'MON PEOPLE!!!! ACTIVATE!!!!! BOOZE WITH FLESH!!!!!!! Photos above by Neil, fanx again!

Oh yeah, a big F to the "graffiti guys" that "tagged" on the wall right at the beginning. AT LEAST DO IT GOOD. I bet Aaron Craze has got tighter can (actually posca pussies) skills than you, you know, Aaron Craze...Aaron Craze Rude Boy Food, Aaron Craze off of Jamie Oliver's Thirteen restaurant, Aaron Craze that's on the GoodFood channel. You know, Aaron Craze. The handheld snack guy, Aaron Craze. THAT GUY

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Boris said...

cool! really good work!!