Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Sister Sister

Scanner crisis? What scanner crisis? This strip goes out to my techno cybernauts at Maplin(s?), they saw me coming and ripped me right on! The doubters said it wouldn't be the power supply that was the problem but here comes the swagger of a champion and he's carrying a new plug in his hand. If you ever wonder, like I did today, is there such thing as a plug testing service? Yes there is. Doth this paragraph reek of damp for thee detail so drab? No it doesn't. Play on!

Gift hamper appeal - Please send your unwanted caffeine pills, lucozade alerts and digestive biccies to Maplin Krew, Stockport.

P.S. NEW FnB on THURSDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
P.P.S. Is it too late to change the title of the entry below to "A Scanner Darkly"?
P.P.S. My favourite bloggites have been busy, check Comfortable on a Tightrope and Nick Ainsworth's key fob blog or die tryin' - links to tha right -->

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